Writing an About page feels a bit intractable because, like everyone else, my priorities, goals, and focuses are in a perpetual state of flux. Trying to write a snapshot of myself into words seems both difficult and meaningless. Life is a movie, not a photo.

So instead of an About page, this is a Now page, inspired by sive.rs/now and all the pages on nownownow.com. I’m not going to delete anything from this page…the newest stuff will always be on top.

Spring 2022

My priorities have shifted a lot in the past 6-8 months. I’ve recognized the fact that people are what makes my life meaningful and interesting (major duh, in retrospect) and I’m reorganizing my life around that realization. As a result, I now live in Brooklyn—not something I ever thought I’d say!

I’m working on the biggest project I’ve ever taken on: a community workshop in Bushwick. I’m renovating a crusty old warehouse to make space for working on vehicles, creating art, making music, and anything else that people want to do in here (I’m writing this from the warehouse floor). I’m building a magnet to attract interesting people who love making real, tangible things, whatever that looks like. In a place like Brooklyn where ample space for making things is rare and expensive, this will be a spot for unusual, thoughtful, and motivated people to hang out and make things together. No one will pay unless they feel called to. I’ve never had such a clear vision and goal for anything in my life, and it’s really, really exciting. (I’m giving updates via stories and posts here, if you’re interested.)

On the work side of things, I continue to do consulting work around the Selling Partner API. The open-source PHP SDK I made is now the most-downloaded SP API package on Packagist, with ~30,000 downloads—it’s being used more than anything else I’ve ever made! It’s satisfying making a (small) contribution to the OSS world that I’ve gotten so much help and utility from. I’ve also dived into the crazy world of DAOs, and man is it a blast. I’m an active contributor in Foster (a community of skilled and kind people who edit each other’s work and co-write together) and LabDAO (trying to democratize the biotech research landscape), and a member/participant in several others.

I love this city, but I’m starting to get some serious cravings for the mountains. I need to figure out how to balance the two. My long-term goal is to spend half my time in the city and the other half in the San Juan Mountains, but I haven’t figured out how that’ll work yet. I’ve got time :)

Onward and upward!

Here’s the contents of my old About page, written Fall 2020:

I’m a wandering software engineer. Right now, I’m focused on making it easier for developers to integrate with Amazon’s Selling Partner API. I also do a lot of consulting work with the Selling Partner API. If you’re looking for help with the SP API, get in touch!

More generally, I really enjoy learning how things work at a low level…not just software, but anything. Other topics I enjoy diving deep on are manufacturing processes, the mechanics of vehicles, and technological/political solutions to climate change.

Interesting and fun things I’ve done include:

  • working with companies from startups to large companies
  • creating a browser extension that had over 25,000 users
  • consulting for ADVrider, a motorcycle forum and news site with over 350,000 members
  • on a related note, fixing up a broken ’70s motorcycle and riding it across the USA (twice)


The best way to get in touch with me is via email, at jesse@jesseevers.com.

I also welcome phone calls. In fact, I think everyone, myself included, should pick up the phone a little more often: (413) 588-2815.


My blog is a smorgasbord of everything from fixing bugs, to climbing mountains, to politics. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about me, check out the first post!

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