Introducing Highside Labs

A few months ago, Chris West and I launched Highside Labs, a company that grew naturally out of my personal software consulting business. As I got busier, I realized that I needed more hands on deck, and Chris took a leap of faith and joined me for his first ever software gig (he’s been absolutely crushing it, as I knew he would). With another person on board, it felt wrong to refer to the business as Jesse Evers Consulting, so we spun up Highside Labs. (The name was inspired by Highside Workshop, which is the collective space that has grown from my desire to build the community I want to have…but that’s for another blog post.)

Highside Labs is an e-commerce focused, API-first software development shop. We specialize in custom API integrations for e-commerce sellers, and for the companies support them. Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify…you name the platform, we’ve probably built an integration (or several) for their API.

Because Highside Labs is bigger than just me, I’m moving all my technical writing to the Highside Labs blog: I’ll be reposting updated versions of the Selling Partner API content I’ve posted on this blog over there. If you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest things we’ve learned in our journey through the e-commerce API landscape, head over there and subscribe to our email list.

If you’re here to read about all the weird things I’m thinking about outside of work, well, you’re already in the right place!